1.  A Chance Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem for 21.   IOT based Garbage Management System for Smart Cities 41.  Smart Waste Collection Processes - A Case Study about Smart Device Implementation
 2.   A Cloud-based Dynamic Waste Management System for 22.   IoT based Intelligent Bin for Smart Cities using 42.   Smart Waste Management Using IOT Powered
3.    A Proposed IoT-Enabled Smart Waste Bin Management 23.    Iot based smart waste bin model to optimize the waste management process 43.   Smart Waste Management
4.  A Survey on Smart Garbage Management in Cities using IoT 24.    IoT-Based Solid Waste Management Solutions 44.   Study of the smart city using internet of things
5.   A Survey on Smart Waste Management Systems 25.   IoT based garbage monitoring system 45. Survey on municipal waste collection management in smart city
6. A Survey on Garbage Monitoring System us 26. Optimizatin of Municipal Waste Collection Routing Impact of Industry4.0 Technologis on Environmenal Awareness and Sustainability 46.  Survey on Municipal Waste Collection Management in Smart City
7.  A Survey on Smart Garbage Management in 27.  Smart and Green Urban Solid Waste Collection 47.   The City of Atlanta- smart waste management
8.  An Efficient Smart Garbage Disposal System 28.   Smart City Platform Development for an Automated 48.   The City of Bridgeport smart solid waste management
9.   Application of IOT in Garbage Management 29.   Smart Garbage Bin Systems A Comprehen ive Survey 49.   Trajectory Assisted Municipal Agent Mobility A Sensor Driven Smart Waste Management System
10.  Automated Garbage Monitoring System Using Arduino 30.   Smart Garbage Bin Systems – A Comprehensive Survey 50.  Travel Time Prediction System Based on Data Clustering for Waste
11.   Automated Garbage Monitoring System Usin 31.   Smart Garbage Monitoring System using Internet 51.  Using GIS to Locate Waste Bins a Case Study on Kolkata City, India
12.   Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT enabled Smart Cities A Survey 32.   Smart technologies for promotion 52.  Waste Management in Green and Smart Cities: A Case Study of Russia
13.    Cloud-based smart waste management for smart cities 33.  Smart waste collection system based on location intelligence 53.  Waste Management in IoT-Enabled Smart Cities
14.    Development of a Cost-Efficient Waste 34.   Smart Waste Management 54.  Waste management strategy at a public university in a smart city context
15.     Garbage monitoring system using iot 35.   Smart dustbin management system 55.  Waste Management using Internet of Things (IoT)
16.    Garbage Monitoring System using Arduino  36.   Smart Dustbin Monitoring System using LAN Server and Arduino 56. Waste Management as an IoT-Enabled Service in Smart Cities
17.    Implementation of spatial smart waste management system in Malaysia 37.    Smart Garbage Management System Using the Internet of Things (IOT) For Urban Areas    
18.   Implementation of Smart Bin Savvy Monito 38.  Smart Garbage Monitoring System Present    
19.    Improving Municipal Solid Waste Collection Services 39.   Smart Solid Waste Monitoring and Collect    
20.   Integrated geographical information system (GIS) for urban solid waste management 40. Smart Waste Bin with Real-Time Monitoring System    

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